Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beyonce in Vegas....not selling LOL

Beyonce will be in Vegas with outrageous ticket prices up for grabs. I took it upon myself to call the Wynn in Las Vegas Encore theatre to "purchase a ticket" (hell naw, I was just being nosey) and it is still lots of seats up for grabs according to Debbie, the slut I talked to on the phone. She said "sure we have plenty of tickets available, would you like to purchase the 450 package"? I said "nah, Im not a fool" and then I asked her how many tickets were remaining but she wouldn't share, she did say there were plenty LOL.

The show is on (July 30-Aug 2) . The venue holds 1500 people if you are wondering...and the package starts at $450 per person and include a two-night stay at the Wynn Las Vegas, two tickets to the show, private car transport to and from the airport and spa passes for each day of your stay. For the best seats in the house, expect to spend $1,000 or more per person. To my knowlege..those $1000 tickets are still available according to Debbie. To book, call 1-800-I am a dumb ass.

Only an idiot would pay to see this flat ass fluzzie bounce around the stage as if shes having a seizure. I hope she gets an ego blast when no one purchases these dumb ass tickets. On another note, her tour is not making as much money as she thought it would...and her album has only went GOLD in a lot of other countries around the world LMAO! I am sure that was a blow to her ego.


  1. lol.. Good to see you back..

    nobody wanna hear her...

  2. Now you know that will event will turn into a celebritiy f&*k fest!

    Beyonce is so "stale"!

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  4. Btw, All Her Vegas Shows SOLD OUT ;D
    So You're Gay ;P

  5. I saw her show in Vancouver and I vowed to never see another again!!! Unless of course its only 20 bucks...I guess she caught on to this mentality ....see her once shame on her, see her twice shame on you!


  7. Beyonce is incredible.
    How pathetic can you get ,must all be jealous of her amazing talents.
    What wanker would sit on their computer .. Just to make up a site on how much you hate someone..
    Too cool, so you's are!!
    I'm from glasgow, in scotland and everyone here loves beyonce!
    I've seen her live twice, she was utterly epic!
    Fabulous human being.

    Aye, what thick fuck would call beyonce "flat ass'ed"
    Hahahaaa, you are so cool, utterly jealous of you all!
    From Katie.