Friday, June 12, 2009

Beyonce Swagga Jacks Rihanna

On May 22nd, Rihanna surfaced wearing this rare, one of a kind, hard to acquire Matthew Williamson jacket. She rocked the jacket as a dress with boots and sunglasses...well, Beyonce must have gotten off the internet, got on the phone with her stylist/personal assistant and ordered one once she seen Rihanna rocking it so beautifully. Well Beyonce surfaced in the jacket on June 10th looking sloppy, bunched up, and her legs are terribly scarred from abuse and years of wear and tear in the entertainment industry. If you go to a strip club, their legs tend to have the same wear and tear on one ever said being an entertainer was easy. Poor Beyonce...shes always swagga jacking. Please pray for her. Pray that Sasha Fierce will leave Beyonces soul soon.

Jay-Z wants bills and not kids with Beyonce!!!

Jay-Z and Beyonce were together for one of the rare occasions for an interview. They were asked by Contact Music if they wanted to pursue kids, Jay-Z said, "We got to keep it moving. Got bills to pay.”
Beyonce echoed Jay-Z’s statement, saying, “I definitely want one (a child) but I’m not ready for all that. I don’t think a person should see that before their time. I fall in love with my nephew every time I see him.
Finally, Jay-Z realizes that she is not the one for him and hopefully he will divorce her soon as well as find someone to have kids with. My feelings would be hurt if my husband put bills before me. Maybe thats why Beyonce chimed in with damage control and run-on sentences to say she has plans for kids...but how? How will she have kids when the man wants bills over kids HAAA, I am sure her feelings were shot to hell after this statement.

Above and Beyonce will FLOP!!!!!

So, greedy ass Music World/Columbia Records are set to release "Above and Beyonce" - A Video Collection and dance mixes DVD/CD showcasing her slutty talents. It will be available Nationwide at Wal-Mart Tuesday, June 16. If you think this trash will sell, you are completely wrong. No one will buy it because she can't even sell $20 tickets to a show! Beyonce is washed up. When the CD flops *oops* I mean, drop, I will let you know the lousy numbers. A source said shes expected to sell a measley 60K the first day but lets hope she can't even sell that amount. Read about it here.