Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bey in Marie Claire Magazine

Look at old lady Beyonce in Marie Claire looking like shes pushing 40 years old. Chile, she in that 1980's looking dress and that tired azz long mop looking weave on her head. Did anyone tell her that short cuts is in, and that dyed blonde (wannabe white) mess is NOT the business? Black women always looked stupid to me in blonde hair. Thats a white womans trait, so why are black women jumping on the blonde hair band wagon? Get that blonde out your head, Bey! Please send her the memo!

Anyway, doesn't she look old and wilted like old lettuce thats been in your crisper for 3 weeks in that tired azz green dress? UGH...moving on

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its all my fault

1st week - 28 million (You Peons make me sick)
2nd week- 12 million (57.9% decrease in sales LOL)
3rd week- 6 million (45.6 decrease in sales LMAO)

Yes, Its my fault that Beyonces movie 'Obsessed' did sorta well at the box office because I was too busy to post on her and deter you peons from going to see the movie. I would like to credit myself for the flop on her previous film, 'Cadillac Records'. The reason I deserve the credit on the flop is because I had loads and loads of time to post on how ridiculous of an actress she is and my hard work payed off by the movie, Cadillac Records flopping so hard! I enjoyed every second of it.

On the other hand, since I was busy traveling the globe, being a fabulous bitch, and loving my life - I didn't have time to post my haterism in regards to the movie 'Obsessed' so it didn't flop as I hoped it would - If I would have been on my job, the movie would have tanked for sure!
Anyway, I will not allow another one of her movies to be box office magic. Trust me when I say this!

Right now, my fellow group of can all blame me for the movie making 28 million on its opening weekend... That means that it shouldn't make any more money and it will certainly tank when it goes to DVD. I will make sure of that because I am a hater!
see movie statistics here

Beys Hamburger Helper small donation!

Beyonce is such a suck face. Since Hamburger Helper learned of her making their product whenever she has time off work, they teamed up with her to feed the hungry with their cheap boxes of hamburger helper. Um...I don't think they provide the ground beef, so if you are one of the hungry people waiting on this ridiculous donation, you can forget it.
General Mills' Hamburger Helper brand is partnering with Beyonce to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks through the 'Show Your Helping Hand' campaign. The effort is being launched in conjunction with Beyonce's U.S. (flop) "I AM..." Tour.

"Through the work I do with my Survivor Foundation, I've been committed to helping families get back on their feet in difficult times," said Beyonce. "That's why I'm excited to get involved in this effort to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million (boxes of hamburger helper) meals to local food banks. If we all show a helping hand, together we can make a difference in the fight against hunger."

Lets do the math on that, shall we? OK...if a box of hamburger helper costs .75 cents... lets see how much it will cost them.....(whippin out the calculator) OH COOLL...its a whopping $26,250. Gee, instead of saying shes donating $26,250 - she wanted to put a wordplay on it by saying 3.5 million meals to make it sound as if shes doing something monumental - bish PLEASE! SIT DOWN! And dont think for one second that they aren't going to do a tax write-off for this and get their $26,250 back....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

STUDY: Beyonce fans are DUMB

I knew it, if you are a Beyonce fan, you have one of the lowest of the lowest IQ in the world. A student did a study and survey to analyze Beyonce fans IQ's and turns out, they are so low, that most of them can't even get a decent SAT score!!! Fans of Beyonce, Timberlake and Jay-Z all tended to score below 1,000 on SAT scores, with the average being a mark of 1071 out of 1600. Read the article here you stupid ass fans!

Dereon Trash Wear

I intend to continue my vent on seeing ghetto bitches around the globe wearing Dereon as if its something to be seen in. Its TRASH and everyone who wears it is TRASH! Here is an example. Please send in your examples of Dereon Trash wear to
Make sure you put in the subject "Dereon Trash Wear" and please be on the look out, we need as many photos as we can possibly get our greedy little hands on to expose this trashy attire!

Beyonce copies Jerry Hall

The picture speaks for itself. She copies everyone, except this time, she made a fool of herself.....looking like a stuffed mermaid LMAO!

Beyonce implants

Is this an advertisement for breast implants or what? Doesn't it look like a greasy ass on her chest LMAO!! Those implants are so obvious that only a fool would assume they are real, along with her nose which was also altered, and I wouldn't doubt if she didn't add some hips - but thats another story and my opinion.
These pics are of Beyonce in LA Confidential magazine wearing, of course, a Herve Leger piece, the ghetto wear of Hollywoods rich and dumbest. Of course Beyonce had to jump on the Herve Leger bandwagon because she just couldn't resist the temptation of wearing a bandage piece around her waist to accent her wide hips which are probably fake.. girl, BYE! Get those implants removed, they are HORRIBLE!!!

Beyonce covers her flat ass!

Here is Beyonce at the beach in Monaco with her mom (hairy legged ass). Beyonce did us a favor and covered up her flat ass, if you look at the picture where Tina, her mom, is taking the pic (with her awkward looking legs), it looks like Beyonce is working with an ironing board for ass cheeks LMAO! Also, look at the image from the side, where the jelly?

Beyonce no longer relevant?

Spencer Pratt finally stated the obvious truth. Beyonce would be NOTHING without Destinys Child building her up to be the flat ass she is today. Spencer Pratt sat down with Complex Magazine to set the record straight in regards to his boo, Heidi Montag.

Complex: You also said, “I’m like the white Jay-Z.” Would you consider Heidi the white Beyoncé?

Spencer Pratt: A little bit more than the white Beyoncé. Beyoncé had to be built by a group like Destiny’s Child, but Heidi shines solo. I’ll actually give you an exclusive: I could guarantee you Speidi’s [Spencer and Heidi's] “Bonnie & Clyde” version is going to stunt on Jay and B’s version.

Even though I dont care for Heidi and Spencer, I hope they succeed at wiping Beyonce off the face of the every magazine cover you can imagine. Beyonce is already on the A minus list, soon as this song releases, lets hope she gets the B or C list HELL even the D list.... please come through for me, Heidi and Spencer!

Beyonce in Vegas....not selling LOL

Beyonce will be in Vegas with outrageous ticket prices up for grabs. I took it upon myself to call the Wynn in Las Vegas Encore theatre to "purchase a ticket" (hell naw, I was just being nosey) and it is still lots of seats up for grabs according to Debbie, the slut I talked to on the phone. She said "sure we have plenty of tickets available, would you like to purchase the 450 package"? I said "nah, Im not a fool" and then I asked her how many tickets were remaining but she wouldn't share, she did say there were plenty LOL.

The show is on (July 30-Aug 2) . The venue holds 1500 people if you are wondering...and the package starts at $450 per person and include a two-night stay at the Wynn Las Vegas, two tickets to the show, private car transport to and from the airport and spa passes for each day of your stay. For the best seats in the house, expect to spend $1,000 or more per person. To my knowlege..those $1000 tickets are still available according to Debbie. To book, call 1-800-I am a dumb ass.

Only an idiot would pay to see this flat ass fluzzie bounce around the stage as if shes having a seizure. I hope she gets an ego blast when no one purchases these dumb ass tickets. On another note, her tour is not making as much money as she thought it would...and her album has only went GOLD in a lot of other countries around the world LMAO! I am sure that was a blow to her ego.