Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dereon Trash Wear

I intend to continue my vent on seeing ghetto bitches around the globe wearing Dereon as if its something to be seen in. Its TRASH and everyone who wears it is TRASH! Here is an example. Please send in your examples of Dereon Trash wear to
Make sure you put in the subject "Dereon Trash Wear" and please be on the look out, we need as many photos as we can possibly get our greedy little hands on to expose this trashy attire!


  1. this shit is in the same class as enyce hood wear....can't stand it...

  2. ugh...I litterally cringe eery time I see someone wearing this mess. UGH! Especially when I see the marked down version of it. it's not selling at all!

  3. Gold lame and applique isn't always a good look :(