Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beyonce has PIMPLES!!!

Check out your girl Beyonces face which is covered in pimples. How dreadful! She said before in a magazine that she doesn't wash her face, so maybe thats why her face looks like the pizza I ate for lunch today.


  1. That would be those drugs coming out of her system. That is what happens to you when they begin to come out of your system.

  2. First African-American female and second overall female to win the "Songwriter of the Year" award from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Pop Music Awards (2001).
    First and only woman to have a single and album simultaneously topping the main charts in both the U.S. and the UK (2003).
    Tied for most Grammy Awards won in a single night by a female artist (five in 2004).
    Biggest jump in Billboard history with "Beautiful Liar" (from number ninety-four to number three).
    Longest stay at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 within a year for a female ever (seventeen weeks with "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy").
    Handled twice the record of most weeks spent at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in a single year by a female artist (seventeen weeks in 2003 and eight weeks in 2006).
    First non-athlete, non-model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and also the second African-American (the first being Tyra Banks) to do so (2007).
    Ranked number one on 's list of Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2007, voted by 8.5 million men.[24]
    Tied for third most successful song on the Billboard Hot 100 by a solo female artist (Irreplaceable).
    Irreplaceable is the first song to top twelve Billboard charts simultaneously (December 30, 2006).
    First artist to have a number-one single ("Check on It"), a number-one film (The Pink Panther), and win a Grammy Award in the same week (February 2006).
    First female artist to have a number-one single single and win a Grammy Awards in the same week twice ("Check on It" and "Irreplaceable", consecutively).
    Second artist to have two songs in the same year passing the two hundred-million audience mark ("Irreplaceable" and "Check on It" in 2006).
    Is the singer with the biggest film debut ever with Austin Powers in Goldmember when it grossed $213,307,889 in America alone.
    Most number-ones by lead female artist in a decade ( "Crazy In Love" , "Baby Boy" ,"Check on It" , "Irreplaceable" & "Single Ladies").
    Female artist with the most cumlative weeks at number one (37 weeks) this decade ( "Crazy in Love" 8 weeks , "Baby Boy" 9 weeks , "Check on It" 5 weeks , "Irreplaceable" 10 weeks & "Single Ladies" 5 weeks.
    Female artist attained the most to five hits and the most top tens on the Hot 100 this decade with twelve.
    First Female to ever be awarded the International Artist Award at the American Music Awards (2007).
    Honored the Legend award for Outstanding Contribution To The Arts at the World Music Awards (2008).
    Dangerously in Love was listed as one of the top 200 Definitive albums in music history by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She was one of a few artist of her generation to be mentioned on the list.
    Knowles is also one of a few African American females to have had three or more Golden Glode nominations.
    Lead singer of the biggest selling female group of all time Destiny's Child.
    HIGHEST GROWSING BOX OFFICE MUSICIAN EVER: Ahead of Jamie Fox & more recently MJ.
    (2008) Highest selling Black artist That year on an Album realesed at the very end of the year selling more than Lil Wayne A milli amilli amilli (5.5 Million Worldwide Without a re-realease- in a recession)
    7 Top HIT 40 Songs from 1 Album.
    2009: VMA- Video of the Year
    BILLBOARD: Artist of the year

  3. those arent pimples...theyre scars from smoking all that crank!

  4. Clit Flee, go away. This is a Hate Beyonce site listing her accomplishments does nothing for her!
    Anyway, this is the result of using too much bleaching cream. It starts out like this, if she stops now, she might have a chance to save her skin but if she doesn't at some point it becomes irreversable. We see it a lot in the islands.

  5. Or how about "Pimple and WRINKLED faced Beyonce forgot to get her Botox injections"

  6. 28 my ass, add 10 more years.

  7. look at her nappy hair all that money & she still look like tramp.

  8. She's under a lot of stress and when this happens, HERPES crawl from up under your skin.

  9. I am trying to figure out the reason why the fashion police didn't jump on her for this trashy get up.

    White sandals? White off shirt worn off the shoulders???


  10. Let's talk about beyonce jumping into a crowd wearing a leotard, stockings, tights and a wig.

  11. ^^She looked like a wiggy whale jumping in the water! LOL

  12. Oh My!!!!! Is this site back up????? BRAVO!!!!
    Let the games begin.........

  13. Hee-Hee yall see her pupils---DILATED
    So no to drugs and demonic posession!

  14. lol, no wonder l'oreal don't use her for skin products.

  15. lo'real is only interested in her wigs!

  16. Beyonce is definitely on some form of drugs she looks dry, burnt out tired and dehydrated, like every bit of moisture has been zapped from her body, them constant wind machines cant help either

  17. popeyes fried chicken is extremely greasy.

  18. ^^LMAO indeed it is.

  19. Countdown to a VERY PUBLIC MELTDOWN---AND 4,3,2,



  21. you guys are SADDOS please please get a life.
    i know that there are times when one doesn't feel good about themselves and just hate the sight of perfect looking celebrities - like beyonce. But to actually build a site just to hate on one to feel better about yourselves is just pretty sad. Whoa, i'm just shocked!

  22. wow this is funny and beyonce uses bleach cream to bleach her skin thats why she has pimples

  23. @dec 28: i'm sure we all have a life and i agree it doesn't make me feel any better about myself laughing at her pizza face (go buy some proactive or something!), but i feel that it makes my day somewhat complete.... now what's wrong with that? :P

  24. Has anyone purchased Lady Gaga Tickets from the website

  25. This site is a joke.
    Beyonce is an incredible human being with more talent in her "pimples" than all you sad wee fuckers put together.
    Way back to your pathetic lifes.
    I'm a huge huge huge fan of beyonce, seen her live twice and she is absolutely amazing,best thing I have ever experienced in my life.
    I'm from Scotland, and everyone loves beyonce here.
    Ha, makes me laugh that some wee wanker must be sat at their computer making up sites on how much they hate beyonce.
    One word.. Jealousy!

  26. her pupils are dilated because of all the flashes, and the pupil decreases in size when it needs to block out excessive light.

    her mother is french creole, and descends from a caucasian people, that is why she has a fair skin complexion.

    pimples are the result of pressure, stress and its human. beyoncé is human. she gets pimple just like all other humans on earth.

    she wears, not a wig, a weave - and does it to protect her natural hair from the cosmetics related to being a professional performer.

    beyonce does not smoke, and certainly not crack or other drugs.

    if beyonce has herpes, which i am quite sure she does not, it isn't your problem to deal with anyways, so leave it.

    by saying all these things about beyonce, a talented and beautiful person, you are belittling her - and you only do it to squash her down so that you will feel superior. all i see here is the lack of self-esteem. to criticize others does not make you powerful - it makes you ugly. because your words reflect your personality and your words are mean, useless, vapid, unintelligent and could be hurtful. work on yourselves instead of dissing beyonce. build a bridge and get over it.

    matilde my, 14.

  27. Really? The creator of this site truly hates themselves! A whole website which requires a lot of dedication over someone you hate.. Only to post about her pimples.. I hope you got your life after three years of inactivity!

  28. First of all Beyonce is a human being. I do not care how much money you have , everyone has flaws. It has something to do with hormones, diet, water, and consistenst stress. It is about several other factors that affects a skin. And it does not have shit to do with you washing your face. She uses airbrushed makeup, creams, night serums, steam rooms, and gets her face treated at the spa and dermatologist. It takes hard work to get the perfect body or have perfect skin. get real.

  29. And also she might stay in the gym for five hours to get the perfect body. She might work on arms and abs one day. On the next day she might move to the legs and the buttocks. She has a dietican and have people to watch what goes into her body daily. She also probably has a gym , spa, dentist, and hair shop in her mansion. This woman lives in a different world then anyone who is making these blogs about her. I smell haters!!!!

  30. Not only that she has a meal plan for everyday. A person to whiten her teeth. Someone to exfoliate, cleanse, and wash her face. She has a private cook,dentist, hairdresser, makeup artist. she also probably has a workout trainer that lives with her. With all of that. who in the hell would not be a perfect ten. Oh yeah a plastic surgeon staying with her too. my bad