Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jay-Z Canceled his TOUR!!!

According to MTV, Jay Z has canceled the remaining stops on his much-hyped BP3 tour due to unforeseen circumstances that have developed. The article didn’t mention the reason, but we already know why.
In addition to dealing with his wife Beyonce’s rumored alcoholism, it seems Jay now has to keep tabs on a steamy relationship between Beyonce and her man servant, boy toy bodyguard Julius.
Ever since pics leaked online of Julius and Bey sneaking out of a Berlin hotel with her lipstick smeared on Julius’s lips, Jay Z has not left his wife’s side, accompanying her on trips to London while he’s in the midst of a concert tour. Now Jay Z cancels his tour.
Is this all speculation or is it way too much of a coincidence? If the rumors are true, it’s kind of sad that their marriage had to end this way.

Photos: Splash News Online
Article: Sandra Rose


  1. He didn't come over there for Beyonce he came over there for Rhianna. Beyonce has been on tour forevr and he never comes unless he is performing and now Rhianna has a show over there and he drops everything and they both go to her show. She is drunk and high all the time because she wants some of his attention.

  2. Yeah now that i think of it he probly came for rihanna. Bey's crotch is boring. So why he cancel his money for that? It's rihanna barbados kitty kat that got him back here.

  3. He came running back because of all the gay rumors. Can't let his little secret out so he has to cover it up by running to his druken wife's side so people will ignore the truth.

  4. no its riri kitty of course he is bisexual look at the man face u really think they would let a face like that endorse?

  5. I see her body gaurd a.k.a fuck buddy is escorting her rather than her hubby. Why the fuck is Jay not standing by his wife while the body gaurd follows and watches out for them?

  6. ^^^LMAO!!Jay is embarrassed. His bitch is stumbling stoned!!