Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beyonce kissed a 15 yr old!!!!

Lastnight, Beyonce performed at the Manchester M.E.N. arena in the UK and went into the crowd, then kissed a 15 yr old boy named Ellis on the cheek!
As she walked through the crowd, she picked out a 15 yr old, blonde haired boy and asked him if he knew her name. He said "yes, Beyonce"
She then asks him to repeat it since she loved his accent so much and he repeated it for her. She then began to sing "I love your accent"

Thats when the kiss came on the teenagers cheek from this 28 yr old woman, and then she got on the stage and started to sing 'Say my Name' from her Destinys Child days.
Um, this is totally inappropriate! I don't understand how a 28 yr old stranger can go around kissing little boys. Who cares that shes famous, its just weird to me. Hey, watch she gets away with this because Beyonce can't do any wrong. For more on this story, go here.


  1. Man, i juss luv da Kween Beysus I Luk up to Har

    She iz sush a Klazzy Smaurt womenz.

    She Da Bess thang to Happen too dis Earff

    since Adam N EVE Birfed Jesus.

    Hatas Fall Bac, Da Kween of da Bey Hive iz bout

    da Sting & Bey Season aint even Ova Yet so


    We Bleed Da same Blood N Criey da same Tears

    We Breeth Da Same air & Shar Da same Soul.

    We Swimz in da same Oceaen N we Shyte N Da

    Sam Tiolet N use da Same Tissue!!

    Whin Im at har Koncert itz lik my soul jumps

    outta mi body & goes into hers N we iz Bof up

    Der on Da Stag Dancin N Sangin our Harts out.

    i wuld take a Bullit F'o Da Kween.

    Imma Sell har BAFF Watah N underware

    on Ebay N da Bid starts at $1000 Dollas!, Who's


  2. Hope she brushed her teeth. By the way ummmm you might want to add 10 to that 28 you posted. LOL

  3. That is Bizarre! She asked him to say her name again? What an ego. She didn't lie bout her ego! Gross man, bad breath n all.

  4. What is up with that majorette outfit?

  5. I dont know whats worse the outfit or the hair??? One things for sure! SHES A DUMB BITCH!

  6. bitch just likes the sound of her own name, not his accent...egotistical pedophelic bitch!

  7. Ehh the songs called ' say my name' maybe that's why she said it.
    Pathetic cunts, all of you are.
    love you beyonceeeeee!
    From Katie.

  8. Seriously!!!! Get a life and get over whatever it is she did to you!!! Gosh grow up and stop acting like your four!!!