Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beyonces glove

It seems that Beyonces ridiculous glove has been missing in action for a while now. I guess she ditched the stupid idea of having a gimmick in order to remain relevant. If you've seen this glove (along with that Mormon hairstyle) please let us know. I doubt that glove or the hairstyle will see the light of day again. Of course shes resorted back to that same ole hairstyle that shes been wearing since 1996 when No No No came out. I wonder whats next on her list of idiotic ideas?


  1. Man, i juss luv da Kween Beysus N har Glov

    She iz sush a Klazzy Smaurt womenz.

    She Da Bess thang to Happen too dis Earff

    since Adam N EVE Birfed Jesus.

    Hatas Fall Bac, Da Kween of da Bey Hive iz bout

    da Sting & Bey Season aint even Ova Yet so


    We Bleed Da same Blood N Criey da same Tears

    We Breeth Da Same air & Shar Da same Soul.

    We Swimz in da same Oceaen N we Shyte N Da

    Sam Tiolet N use da Same Tissue!!

    Whin Im at har Koncert itz lik my soul jumps

    outta mi body & goes into hers N we iz Bof up

    Der on Da Stag Dancin N Sangin our Harts out.

    i wuld take a Bullit F'o Da Kween.

    Imma Sell har BAFF Watah N underware

    on Ebay N da Bid starts at $1000 Dollas!,

    Who's inerestid??

  2. ^^^go & get help u fat bitch.on topic behoe is outdated

  3. beyonce is outdated.

  4. LMAO After people started dissing it, she stopped wearing it. She tried to overshadow MJ and Failed. LMAO. She fails at a lot of things.

  5. 11:58, I thought that same thing. She tried the one glove thing (and a very expensive one)and it did not catch on. Ciara wore one very similar to this and she is an avid MJ can.

  6. ^^meant to say fan.

  7. I love Ciara ..Bs ppl are keeping her down but her music wayyy hotter!